1016 Cedar Street

Santa Cruz, California




 Open for LUNCH

 11:30 till 2:30 everyday but Sunday


Tuesday through Saturday  

5:30 till 8:30

 Reservations required for parties of  6 or more




Senior discounts as follows
(remember 70 is the new 60)


     75+  10%      PREPARE TO SHOW ID

     85+  25%              and please request

     90+  50%       discount when ordering.

   100+  FREE       





     Fresh Brewed Ice Tea             Soda


       Unsweetened                           Coke   

       Southern Sweet                       Diet Coke

       Cranberry                                 Root Beer

       Peach        3.50                       Sparkling Water     2.75



 Peach or Cranberry FIZZES…..(pronounced fizz-ayyy)

           A Refreshing and a healthy soda alternative.

            100% pure juice mixed with sparkling water

            Served over ice in a pint glass.            3.25


   Beer and wine available                         


     Hot Tea                               Coffee Drinks


Black      Assam                            House         3.50

               Earl Grey                        Espresso      2.50

Green     Jasmine                        Cappuccino   4.00

               Genmaicha                     Latte        4.50

Herbal    African Nectar              Mocha         4.75






Cup of soup, garden salad and warm bread   10.95


Half panino and a garden salad   10.95


Half panino and a cup of soup   11.95


Half Panino, cup of soup, garden salad     12.95


Half Hummus and garden salad  10.95


Plough Persons Lunch: Brie or cheddar, salami, olives and crostini (plain or garlic)   11.95


The PANINO of your choice includes a complementary garden salad or chips. You are welcome to upgrade the salad to Gorgonzola($4) or a Caesar($5)  or
substitute cup of soup for only $2

(3 for chili). 


Any panino can be on gluten free bread


Turkey, Brie and Pesto: all natural roasted turkey, basil pesto, and a rich creamy brie grilled on francese 12.95


Ham, Cheddar, and Mustard: apple smoked ham, cheddar cheese, and light mustard grilled on francese  12.50


Turkey, Kalimata and Greens: all natural roasted turkey, Limelight’s Kalimata olive tapenade and fresh greens grilled on francese  12.25


Artichoke Heart, Mozzarella and Pepper Pesto: Castroville artichoke hearts, mozzarella cheese, and red pepper pesto grilled on francese  (vegetarian) 11.50


Cheddar, Onion, and Cumin: cheddar cheese, grilled sweet onions, and spicy cumin grilled on fresh Sourdough (vegetarian) 10.95



Traditional Club Panino: all natural roast turkey, Swiss cheese, mustard, savory bacon, and fresh tomatoes grilled on Sourdough 12.50


Panino Lite: all natural roast turkey, Limelight’s red pepper pesto and artichoke hearts 10.95


 Italian salami,Mozzarella cheese, and red pepper pesto grilled  on Francese 12.75


Kalimata, Cheddar, and Tomato: Limelight’s Kalimata

olive tapenade, cheddar cheese and fresh tomatoes grilled

on francese (vegetarian) 10.95


Barbeque chicken, cheddar, and red onions grilled on sourdough 12.95


The Caprese-mozzarella, basil pesto and fresh roma

tomatoes grilled on francese  10.95



Monica’s Classic Grilled Cheddar: cheddar cheese

grilled on lightly buttered Sourdough (vegetarian) 10.50



Customize your grilled cheese.  Take the classic Monica’s grilled cheese on sliced sourdough and make it your own with the following toppings:


Basil Pesto – Red Onions – Jalapeños – Tapenade-Tomatoes – fresh apple   


Bacon – Turkey – Ham – Salami  2 dollars each


And yes you can just get a half a one in the special combo deal.





Incredible Warm Brownie Sundae

A warm chocolate brownie buried in Vanilla Ice Cream covered with chocolate sauce and whipdshipped cream  8


Café Affogato

Creamy vanilla ice cream floating in espresso with a dash of whipped cream  6


Old fashion Root Beer Float

A simple desert, from a simpler time…and simply darn good  6





Organic Peanut butter and Strawberry jam  5


Kid’s grilled cheese  6


Cheese plate with mild cheddar, apple and crostini 5


Mini Brownie Sundae 3







Roasted Pig ears (big and chewy) 3.25                  


Milk bone (12 vitamins and minerals) 2.00


Bully stick (hard and challenging) 4.25                                 


Fresh roasted turkey (moist and savory) 4.50                      


Dental stick (clean teeth and fresh breath)  3     




SO…what is the

Secret menu


A few hints…



The Frank,

The Scary Bad Difibulator

and the  Café Bene Special 


are just a few…  



© Farouk 2017